Spring at Dot and Herbey is all about pleasure!

Each piece is the coming together of durable, soft fabrics that naturally move and shape each body it graces.

The colours are inspired by the natural tones of our earth. Think a rich green and light chocolate for the grounded fashion wearer, moving through to sunflower gold and cherry blossom pink for the softness we all crave in Spring.

Flowing between this is the river blue tones that are offered in blouse and pants alike. And somehow pairing each unique piece together still results in a deeply complimenting outfit, not only with what is available in store, but also with your own wardrobe at home.

Our fabrics are ethically sourced and selected by hand, with nothing synthetic in store. Only pure cotton, washer linen, Japanese wool and even hand knittedĀ linen jumpers please! This translates to a piece that will truly last you forever and that your body will love wearing.

Season after season of style, Dot and Herbey embraces an ethical and sustainable approach to fashion that encourages individual expression, grace and creativity. Each body is different and no garment discriminates.

Spring here is a truly special time for us, and there is more range and beauty on offer than ever before.

Made with love, worn with love,

Dot and Herbey xox